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Youth Village, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Fort Walton Beach for children in Kindergarten to 8th grade. It was formed in 1999 to create a safe place to provide various educational and recreational services to children in our community. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment with supportive mentors, teachers and other caring adults to help our children acquire a love of learning and create a desire to achieve. 

Register now for 2018 After School Program!

If your child attend Edwins Elementary or Mary Esther Elementary please contact us before registering because we currently do not have any spots left on the vans for those schools.
We are now taking online registrations for our 2018/2019 After School Program. It is for children in grades K-8!

We pick up at the following schools:
  • Elliott Point Elementary School
  • Wright Elementary School
  • Edwins Elementary School (VAN FULL)
  • Mary Esther Elementary School (VAN FULL)
Liza Jackson Preparatory School drops off in front of our building.

waitlist form

Only fill out the waitlist below if your child attends Edwins Elementary or Mary Esther Elementary.


​​Use the drop-down menu below to pay for tuition w.transportation, tuition w/o transportation or a late fee.
After School Tuition
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- "It was the perfect place for my granddaughter when she came to visit for a whole month!! She made friends, learned new things and painted!! She even sold 2 of her paintings during the silent auction this summer. I highly recommend this facility! They are all amazing! Especially Ms. Nellie!" 
- Barbara O.

-"Thanks so much for looking out for him, I love how attentive and caring you all are!" - Annie C.

-" Congratulations on that amazing performance of the Lion King Jr! I can't believe you and the children put it together in seven short weeks! What talent! How we love seeing children working hard and doing positive things!!!" -Mrs. Janey Schlacht Rynearson (wife of Ft. Walton Beach Mayor Dick Rynearson) quoted below after seeing the Youth Village perform "The Lion King, Jr" on July 22, 2017- 

-"Love this place !!! Affordable and family friendly and the help with homework is awesome !!!! Being a single mom with 3 kids involved in sports and my long work hours !!! I couldn't survive without this place !!!" 
-Tanisha P.-

"Thank you Ms. Nellie Bogar and Youth Village for being such a big help and apart of my children lives. I'm pleased to know that being a single mother and raising my children that I'm doing a good job. I'm very appreciative for everyone who plays a major role in my children lives...We're absolutely blessed." -Shasta G.-

"I LOVE you guys and I am so thankful that God put you in my life when my son needed an after school program. Yours is the only one he ever attended." -Susanne L.-

"I go to Youth Village. It is very fun there. We have visitors at Youth Village who help us learn. Mr. Ronnie takes us on field trips and brings bubble mix for us to play with. Mr. Ronnie also takes us outside to play. I like Youth Village." -Lilly, 8-

"I feel safe in Youth Village because I have a lot of adults working together just to take care of us." -Khameela, 9-
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our Current Fundraiser

Come to Julie's Southern Joy in their new location! 10% of the profits for the month of December will go to our Capital Campaign!!

Come Be a Kid With Us Event

A fun event that was held on Friday, March 16, 2018, at Youth Village. Click the link to read the post from the Daily News about our "Come Be a Kid With Us Event!" NWF Daily News "Be a Kid For a Day"

Wish List

  • Paper towels (please!)
  • Paper plates
  • Cereal bowls
  • Juice boxes (apple juice preferred)
  • Veggie chips (for snacks)
  • Fruit cups (for snacks)
  • 8 oz. Styrofoam cups
  • Napkins
  • Liquid soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clorox wipes (please!)
  • Computer paper (letter size)
  • HP61 cartridges (black &color)
Note: all items may be delivered between 2:00-6:00 Monday-Friday. We thank you in advance!

100 Hearts for a Child Club

​Youth Village membership is comprised of people who care for the children of our community. Members of Youth Village are people who care about the children and want a safe place, a fun place, and a learning place for them. Click the button below for more information!

Capital Campaign

Youth Village has outgrown our little building on Pelham and we are ready to grow! We will either build or purchase a new building. Youth Village needs your support in helping us grow and reach even more children in our community. We have touched so many lives these past 15 years and we look forward to help even more. It is important to us to provide a safe place for children and this new place will help us do that. We plan on having better security, add more programs and activities for both children and their parents, and of course a place where children can meet others and have fun. Would you help us? For more information about the capital campaign click the button below!